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City of Sacramento - Creative Economy Pilot Project

3D LED Cube Interactive

The Creative Economy Pilot Project (CEPP) is an initiative by the City of Sacramento to increase economic activity and improve public spaces through art, food, and technology initiatives. Very cool ... very cool! Back in November 2017, it was announced that I was one of several artists to receive a $5K CEPP grant.

With the grant funds, I plan to incorporate interactivity into the cube and deploy it at various locations within the city. I also plan to release the coding and design of the cube to educate and inspire others to learn about electronics, arming them with the realization that you do not have to be a tech genius to build super cool stuff using Arduino! I’m going to use this page to highlight my efforts, both the successes and challenges I am facing.

June 15th - 16th, 2018 - Light.Wav Tech Art Showcase in Mid-Town

This was an amazing event produced by Alex Trujillo, also a Creative Economy grantee. It was an immersive, interactive experience featuring projection art, projection enhanced murals, lasers, LEDs, and light enhanced sculptures, all created by artists in and around Northern California. It also featured the best DJs in Sacramento.

The CEPP grant covered the logistics, setup, and programming involved in hanging and running my cube at this event. I bring you these videos for your viewing enjoyment!

May 4th, 2018 - Mid-Town HackerLab

I put the cube on display in the front window of the mid-town HackerLab and it will continue to be based there, between public events elsewhere, at least throughout the grant period. The original framework was short and unstable. The CEPP grant allowed me to rebuild the frame to be taller and stronger. The original frame is shown in the leftmost picture, and you can see the difference in the two pictures on the right. The added height enhances the 3D effect, which will hopefully be more eye-catching to bystanders!

Interactivity in the form of a simple single-player pong game has been incorporated into the cube. Programming and hardware for the interactivity were paid for through the CEPP grant funds. Come down to HackerLab and try it!

March 22nd, 2018 - Tech Night at Golden 1 Center

Some of the representatives for the Sacramento Kings stopped by HackerLab in early March and noticed my LED cube on display. Along with the HackerLab team and Robotics Evolution, I was invited to display the cube at Golden 1 Center for their Tech Night Event. Thanks to the CEPP grant to pay for some of the logistics and programming, I was able to pull it off on short notice. Here’s a video and some pics from that evening. The event occurred during the protest against the Stephon Clark shooting, so access to G1C was closed off to many of the fans. No regrets, though. The protest was important!

Lessons learned from this event: Be sure to make use of the loading dock at G1C if it is offered to you! My LED panels got pretty banged up in carrying them around the block from where we parked. We anticipated some rain but not the wind! Fortunately, I was able to straighen out the panels enough to where they all performed well. After a little maintenance work, they are now good as new!